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Finding Heads for companies.

Headhunting, Direct search, management & consulting.

We are management consultants. But with lots of practical experience because our headhunters have all been working as top-level managers for various firms and groups of companies, some of them international.

We share these many years of varied experience with you – companies, organizations and institutions urgently wishing to fill their vacancies with top-rate candidates or requiring support on critical management levels in the medium or long term. Our focus is on the following areas:

• Head hunting & direct search
• Interim management solutions
• Consulting & board consulting
• Finding fee-based medical staff
• Traditional staff search, active in the market

We give employees in management positions the opportunity to submit their job application proactively to enable us to approach them when a suitable vacancy must be filled. At present, our data base contains substantially more than 15,000 contact data records of managing directors, project managers, top managers, supervisory board members of large industrial group structures, etc. – all of them are interested in new challenges when conditions are as expected.

We find the suitable candidate as member of your management team - regionally, nationally, globally.

We search the market directly and, with the Direct Search approach, look at your competitors.

Search, selection and analysis of applicants for positions in your company.

We do not rely on placing job ads in newspapers – our headhunter network enables us to act for you quickly and efficiently, internationally where appropriate, and thus find the ideal candidate for you in the global competition.

We have the experience and the networks to find for you as company, e.g., a suitable department manager or CEO - as new member of your management team or for a limited time. We consult with you as company in all important matters when vacancies requiring special professional or management skills must be filled – regionally, nationally or globally. Together with us, find out the difference between staff consultant and headhunting.

Fee for headhunters

Active direct search requires expenditure

A headhunter on direct search does not wait until a suitable applicant drops in but finds candidates actively in the market. The fee for the headhunter depends on the position to be filled and the difficulty of the search.

Our fees are always calculated on the basis of the actual costs incurred for the vacancy that is to be filled. We invoice you for a third of the total sum upon acceptance of your order with the second payment being due after presentation of the candidates, the third then being due upon conclusion of the project concerned.

We guarantee that every vacancy we accept will be filled. With a large number of projects we present the fist candidate after a few weeks.

Finding Heads guarantee

Headhunters find your candidate – invariably.

Commitment, identification and appreciation of the problem by the Finding Heads headhunter guarantee sustaining solutions for our customers. Personal maturity, motivation and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge at any time make the headhunting consultant the competent partner for your company.

Our claim of providing optimum staff research instead of doing bulk business is the advantage for you as our client. To ensure a traceable quality standard, Finding Heads International bases the selection of applicants on DIN 33430.

By the way: Without express consent, we will not within a period of two years contact any employee of any of our customers in the interest of another company.

The way the headhunter works

Active direct search for qualification & personality

Genuine headhunters, together with the customer, develop a target qualification and personality profile of the optimum candidate whom the customer wants to win for himself. Then the headhunter draws up a profile of the potential candidate with the background of qualification, his emotions and ratio. We identify candidates who are professionally integrated in companies or groups.

Discreet, systematic approach has top priority for the headhunter. If a potential candidate indicates that he is interested in changing the job within the industry, at first the professional and then the personal qualities are tested in a personal meeting.

The approach in HR consultation

Advisory search by means of ads

HR service providers and personnel consultants, together with the customer, often draw up an advertisement for the vacancy the customer wants to fill. In agreement with the client, the ads are then placed in different online platforms, print media, dailies, etc. The HR service provider often hopes and waits in vain for a candidate with roughly the same profile answers the ad. Then the next ad is placed ... at the client’s expense.

We believe this is an uncertain and time consuming approach for which the client pays and which in the end fails to produce the expected top candidate from the respective industry.

Headhunting International

Find specialists and executives by direct search of the headhunters from findingheads. We find candidates and fill your vacant positions on management level.

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Interim management

We recruit executives, managers, managing directors or CEOs on temporary basis. Your short-term staffing, project management or restructuring - interim management helps.

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Consulting & competence

No typical HR consultant or management consultant. We act as advisors to companies with our practical management experience, e.g., board consulting & advice.

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Your contacts

Your partner for headhunting, direct search, interim manager recruitment as well as consulting and advice of SMEs and industrial companies. We look forward to your inquiry.

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