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Interim management.

We recruit temporary managerial staff.

Our interim managers have function and industry competence and the experience of particularly challenging company situations as well as of line and project management. Their knowledge of the markets, intercultural competence and functioning networks are particularly valuable when international tasks must be tackled.

With findingheads, the personality of the interim manager is always in the foreground: the profound capability of judging critical situations correctly and taking necessary action, strength of implementation and hands-on approach, excellent communication skills, high social competence and the decisive ability to quickly complete the integration into an organization and take advantage of it for implementing change. We request every interim manager to supply references to us.

The important advantage for companies: quick problem solution with a temporary manager - interim managers are available without long waiting periods and their qualification and experience enable them to take action quickly. Our network comprises several thousand specialists and candidates with experience in management positions. The interim managers we select are willing and ready to invest their best possible specialist knowledge and profound experience for the tasks they are expected to solve for the company. Finding Heads interim managers will rather be overqualified and are familiar with the different processes from prior projects. Import of additional know-how and Best Practices are common positive side-effects in connection with the employment of interim managers.

High flexibility and efficiency are ensured by the temporary manager - interim management is limited in time in any case. When the job has been done or the project is running, the interim manager transfers it to the company employees. The customer pays only for the man-days actually invested, without any consequential cost. Interim management enables companies to react quickly, efficiently and on short notice to management needs.

Advantages of interim management

Active direct search for qualification & personality

You can act quickly
The best cost-benefit ratio
Integration of external know-how
Learn new management methods
You obtain a broad-based assessment of your status quo
The exclusive availability for your company is guaranteed
Temporary organization of  the operative responsibility

Finding Heads assists customers, by providing top managers with profound experience and special knowledge from most different disciplines and industries, finding perfect solutions and speeding up the implementation of important projects.

Our pool of experts contains the profiles of many experienced and highly qualified experts in interim management who themselves once worked on the first or second level of management of operative companies, some of them with international coverage. But we also provide specialists on the third level of management, experts for staff functions and experienced project managers.

Your advantages & possible functions

Interim management is versatile

Bridging vacancies
Management of processes of change
Introduction of ERP/SOX/ SAP/other
Mergers & acquisitions
Development and optimization of individual fields of business
Independent process optimization
Generation change in the company
Initiation and organization of joint venture projects
Acquisition or change of ownership of a company
Founding a new company
Accounting principles and methods (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP, BilMoG, etc.)
Corporate reorganization / restructuring
Project management
Planning, conceptualization and management of your projects
Assistance in product and technology selection
Selection and optimization of processes and methods
Due Diligence projects
Conversion from HGB to IFRS /US-GAAP
Bypassing short-term management challenges

Interim managers we provide have ...

Specialized knowledge and personality

Wide and profound experience is a basic requirement
Many years of demonstrable success in interim business
Accustomed to taking over operative responsibility
Befitting specialized know-how
Strategic vision

Senior manager personality of the 1st or 2nd level of management
Implementation, communication and assertion skills
Resilient, stress resistant and flexible, decision-making ability
Good balance of people and performance management
Model role, manage by facts

Requirements for interim managers

Strength of implementation & capability for success

Several change projects completed successfully
Sensitive to delicate political situations
Project management experience
Man of action
Uninfluenced perspective from outside

Quick availability, short familiarization period
Flexible coming to terms with new organizational environments
Strong focus on implementation

Headhunting International

Find specialists and executives by direct search of the headhunters from findingheads. We find candidates and fill your vacant positions on management level.

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Interim management

We recruit executives, managers, managing directors or CEOs on temporary basis. Your short-term staffing, project management or restructuring - interim management helps.

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Consulting & competence

No typical HR consultant or management consultant. We act as advisors to companies with our practical management experience, e.g., board consulting & advice.

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Your partner for headhunting, direct search, interim manager recruitment as well as consulting and advice of SMEs and industrial companies. We look forward to your inquiry.

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