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Outplacement / Consultancy programme

Positioning on the employment market.

With our consulting services we guarantee that our clients are actively guided and supported in their quest to successfully reorient themselves professionally and to position themselves on the labor market. The consulting services we provide take the time and funds allocated by the principal for the respective employee into account.

Consulting topics
•  Appraisal
•  Developing an individual service plan
•  Devising a market positioning strategy
•  Conducting a job application campaign
•  Supervising integration

Determining the current status - Situation at the time consulting commences
•  Evaluation of the professional/personal situation
•  Expectations for the future
•  Personality test (Insight or DISC)
•  Current labor market

Professional personality profile
•  Analysis of personal strengths
•  Self-image/external image/appeal
•  Combining strengths and achievements: success rate

Positioning - Professional applications
•  Compiling informative career development data
•  Creating a personal expertise profile
•  Verbal presentation of career development, including video training
•  estimonials/assessments/recommendations
•  Interview training
•  Presenting the career development and the reason for change
•  Preparing for critical situations
•  Questions to be raised about the company / the vacant position
•  Conversation tactics and success factors
•  Interview training
•  Assessment center preparation
•  Video training
•  Interactive effects of personality
•  Evaluation of simulated interviews (verbal, non-verbal)
•  Successful self-presentation

Market approach
•  Developing a personal marketing strategy
•  Discussing the characteristics of the targeted business sectors
•  Describing personal competitive advantages
•  Concurrence of professional and personal goals
•  Developing professional alternatives based on the professional expertise and success rate

Opening up new markets - Building, maintaining and using networks
•  Compiling and selecting professional and personal contacts
•  Targeted approach/referral request
•  Maintaining one’s own network
•  Making and expanding contacts
•  Contacting and dealing with recruitment consultants

Reviewing the open labor market
•  Accessing the job market
•  Evaluating job vacancies
•  Drafting cover letters
•  Handling various application methods
•  Designing unsolicited applications and stating personal competitive advantages

Tapping the hidden job market
•  Compiling a list of target companies
•  Researching potential job opportunities
•  Directly approaching decision makers and companies

Board consulting & CEO selection

We act as consultants of companies in filling management vacancies with excellent specialists.

We help groups and international companies find outstanding personalities as members of supervisory or advisory boards. We also evaluate officiating supervisory boards and their members.  

All members of supervisory or advisory boards won with our assistance have the necessary competence, independence and ethical stability. The nomination of a new board chairman is one of the most difficult and critical decisions the supervisory body of an organization must make. With this in mind, Finding Heads International has developed a consultation approach which can ensure that companies are prepared when the time for the structured and successful transfer of the management responsibility comes.

We find candidates – very good!

We act as your advisor in matters of manpower requirement and provide international Direct Search from the 1st to the 3rd levels of management

Year after year, Finding Heads International fills numerous CEO vacancies, some of them international, and in this process applies the expertise of experienced headhunters.

It goes without saying that we are available as consultants to companies of any size. We provide extensive advice of high quality when there are high-ranking vacancies to fill. We recruit suitable candidates for your vacant management positions, e.g., department heads, managing directors, division managers, top manager or board members. We also advise industry and trade businesses in matters of specialized manpower. We are not the typical HR or management consultant you may have in mind but offer you a unique combination of services.

Headhunting International

Find specialists and executives by direct search of the headhunters from findingheads. We find candidates and fill your vacant positions on management level.

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Interim management

We recruit executives, managers, managing directors or CEOs on temporary basis. Your short-term staffing, project management or restructuring - interim management helps.

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Consulting & competence

No typical HR consultant or management consultant. We act as advisors to companies with our practical management experience, e.g., board consulting & advice.

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Your contacts

Your partner for headhunting, direct search, interim manager recruitment as well as consulting and advice of SMEs and industrial companies. We look forward to your inquiry.

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