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Headhunting 5.0 - the effective Finding Heads method

Direct search and real headhunting for more than 20 years successful direct approach

Why "Headhunting 5.0"? - Headhunting and an active human resources procurement is a fusion between a targeted approach, interpersonal trust and the use of modern communication and analysing tools. Whereas "4.0" is merely a pure digitalization and automation of a process, we go a step further: the exploitation of the most modern digital technology commensurate with the years of market experience and the high degree of human resources competence that our headhunters have.

The personality of an executive plays a major role as far as we are concerned. When it comes to the sensitive subject of finding suitable candidates for our clients, we believe that merely relying on a digital analysis or an advertisement-supported research is not enough On the contrary, Finding Heads offers integrated research and acquisition methods that are able to determine the ideal candidate to fill your vacancies. The aim: the making of the the candidates available for you as the potential new employer in the short-term. We fill your vacancies within a short period of time and present your with the optimal candidates that we have actively and successfully searched for beforehand. We place specialists and executives on a national and international level.

Finding Heads Headhunter - 5 facts

- we are not unworldly theorists
- but have been in executive positions for a number of years
- we have years of executive and pronounced managerial experience
- we have a high degree of social competence
- we have international business experiences and contact networks

Your 5 greatest benefits at Finding Heads

Direct Search  the direct contacting of potential candidates in the market
Social Recruitment  reaching candidates via social media 
Filling guarantee  we keep searching until your vacant position has been filled!
- Global headhunter network - 85 headhunters in 25 countries
Intensive research & candidates analysis  the most modern digital research and evaluation methods

We find the suitable candidate as member of your management team - regionally, nationally, globally.

We search the market directly and, with the Direct Search approach, look at your competitors.

Search, selection and analysis of applicants for positions in your company.

The increasing need for specialists and executives and the lack of qualified candidates necessitates the use of professional search methods under special conditions. Traditional headhunters normally have comprehensive contact possibilities at their disposal but Finding Heads has more: a combination of proven and modern methods enables contact to be made with both active and passive candidates so that you as the headhunting client, are able to achieve improved results faster.

Headhunter International.
Recruiting anywhere in the world.

Finding Heads Germany & international

With several branch offices we are in a position to process your inquiry for suitable personnel / candidates internationally.

Reduce the workload of your HR personnel with headhunters also weaken your competitors because you get the candidate you desire and not some lateral entrant. Experience the difference between HR consultation and headhunting in the search for executive personnel and specialists. So do not wait and hope that the right candidate or applicant will cross your way but get efficient personnel consultancy by headhunter specialists.

We are on the lookout for companies.
Headhunting in Germany since 1997.

Direct Search from the 1st to the 3rd level

Our headhunters in Germany offered "Headhunter Direct Search" from the first to the third management levels as early as at the end of the 1990s.

Guaranteed: comprehensive and high-quality active search which finds for you suitable employees (e.g., department managers, managing directors, divisional managers, top managers) within the first few days in 90% of all cases. We assist our clients also in finding suitable candidates for their supervisory bodies and advisory boards. Headhunters of Finding Heads also evaluate existing supervisory bodies and their members.

Finding Heads Industry Focus

Generalists with practice experience in many sectors


e.g. automotive development, car manufacturers, suppliers of automotive parts

Banks & Finances

e.g. banks, credit institutions, insurances, funds- and financial groups, etc.


e.g. chemical companies, chemical groups, chemical products, etc.

Energy technology / Energy

e.g. photovoltaics, solar, wind power, recycling, air-conditioning, etc.

Trade & Distribution

e.g. DIY, supplier industry, construction businesses, distribution structures, etc.

Industry & Building Trade

e.g. structural engineering, architecture, plastic industry, chemical industry, etc.

IT & E-Commerce

e.g. hardware, software, consultancy, distribution, business intelligence, etc.

LEH, Food & Beverages

e.g. beverage industry, food-industry, LEH, etc.


e.g. transport- and logistics-companies, forwarding agents, shipping companies, etc.

Aviation & Space Travel

e.g. aviation companies, aerospace/space travel, etc.


e.g. printing, packaging, marketing, media-advertising, etc.

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

e.g. pharma-industry medical technology, optics, health-industry, etc.

Technology & Engineering

e.g. drive technology, industrial technology, plant engineering, automation, etc.


e.g. printing, packaging, marketing, media-advertising, provider, etc.

Administration & Municipalities

e.g. for cities & municipalities: managers, department heads, etc.

Boards & Managers

e.g. managers for many different sectors, boards, CEO, COO, etc.

Fee for headhunters

Active direct search requires expenditure

A headhunter on direct search does not wait until a suitable applicant drops in but finds candidates actively in the market. The fee for the headhunter depends on the position to be filled and the difficulty of the search.

Our fees are always calculated on the basis of the actual costs incurred for the vacancy that is to be filled. We invoice you for a third of the total sum upon acceptance of your order with the second payment being due after presentation of the candidates, the third then being due upon conclusion of the project concerned.

We guarantee that every vacancy we accept will be filled. With a large number of projects we present the fist candidate after a few weeks.

Finding Heads guarantee

Headhunters find your candidate invariably.

Commitment, identification and appreciation of the problem by the Finding Heads headhunter guarantee sustaining solutions for our customers. Personal maturity, motivation and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge at any time make the headhunting consultant the competent partner for your company.

Our claim of providing optimum staff research instead of doing bulk business is the advantage for you as our client. To ensure a traceable quality standard, Finding Heads International bases the selection of applicants on DIN 33430.

By the way: Without express consent, we will not within a period of two years contact any employee of any of our customers in the interest of another company.

Headhunting International

Find specialists and executives by direct search of the headhunters from findingheads. We find candidates and fill your vacant positions on management level.

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Interim management

We recruit executives, managers, managing directors or CEOs on temporary basis. Your short-term staffing, project management or restructuring - interim management helps.

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Consulting & competence

No typical HR consultant or management consultant. We act as advisors to companies with our practical management experience, e.g., board consulting & advice.

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Your contacts

Your partner for headhunting, direct search, interim manager recruitment as well as consulting and advice of SMEs and industrial companies. We look forward to your inquiry.

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